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Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Horoscope Junkie ~ Peace Globe #10,485

Wanda Dawn Gilbert

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White Dog Diary Online Blogs For Peace #10,484

The White Dog Army
Albuquerque, New Mexico

They write, "There is nothing we more humbly ask for than a world in harmony, respecting each other and our planet, and harnessing the power of love."

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One Gal's Musings ~ Peace Globe #10,483

Hailing from the great state of Chicago....It's The Gal Herself!

She writes, "So today, change your personal climate. Turn down the heat that's firing your resentments. Assume good intentions and respond in kind.

Let's manifest peace beginning with one another. Let's unmake violence and destruction, one heart at a time, starting with our own."

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Shannon's Moments of Introspection ~ Peace Globe #10,482

Shannon Wamsley

In honor and memory of her wonderful son Colt. Shannon candidly shares the pain of losing her child to cancer, struggling for peace, and keeping his memory alive. Many prayers and much love to this dedicated and passionate peace blogger. 

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Waiting for the Muse ~ Peace Globe #10,481

Ann Tracy

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Mindful Palate with The Spoon Mage ~ Peace Globe #10,480

The Spoon Mage

What a story!! Peace in action. Humanity in action. Love in action. Janice writes about her special aunt-in-law, specifically how she blessed an entire generation of folks by example and ravioli.  Please read! Here's just a part... "Please work with us all to stop the damage to our earth and regain the vibrant life that allows us to create ravioli and tomato sauce. Choose one aspect of a healthy planet and focus your efforts there - bees perhaps? Can't grow any plant without bees." 

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Doses of Wild Yam with Yamini ~ Peace Globe #10,479

Yamini MacLean
United Kingdom

Everyone on the planet should read this post! The trees, the forest, environmental care, protecting ourselves and our environment from disease and mismanagement - all crucial issues for this particular time in history. Please click HERE and read Yamini's excellent essay. Here's just one quote,  "Oh yes, dear ones, it must never be forgotten that all the plants of this earth, but the trees most of all, are the planet's lungs. They are also, like the canaries in the mines, an indicator of the environment's general health." 
I learned so much from this post.

Peace graphic by Ann Adamus @ Zoolatry, Photo Mimi Lenox

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Jamie's Place For Stuff ~ Peace Globe #10,478

Tacoma, Washington

Jamie writes, "White storms continue to get greater and wilder, there is still time for a change to help ease climate change and to also bring peace to the world. That is the promise of the rainbow. It signals the storm has passed and in the peace that follows to reach out to cure the pains of the world."

and as always....The fabulous Bear-A-Tones!

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Stardreaming with Sherry Blue Sky in Canada ~ Peace Globe #10,477

Vancouver Island, Canada

Sherry pens a fabulous poem for peace day called Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing)

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With These Wings from New Zealand ~ Peace Globe #10,476

 Catherine Reddell and her hand-sewn "Peace Quilt"
With These Wings
Christ Church, New Zealand

She writes, "Maybe I'm a small triangle on a very big quilt. Maybe I am just a single stitch. But my contribution, no matter how small, it counts. Your contribution counts too.
We all need to understand that it is our individual contribution that will work towards world peace."

Read the rest of her peace quilt journey HERE.  Her words definitely count!

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty ~ Peace Globe #10,475

London, England
United Kingdom

Quotes from Athena -  "Climate change is real and we can help change the climate. It starts with you. Each and every one of us. We can all do our bit to save Mother Earth. There are things we can all do as individuals to save our beautiful planet!"

#Blog4Peace #ClimateChange

Dona Nobis Pacem ~ Bathing In Persimmon Trees

Welcome to the 14th launch of BlogBlast For Peace aka Dona nobis pacem in the Blogosphere. 
Our theme this year is Change Your Climate. Many are choosing to write about global climate change. Others are choosing to write about the need to change their own personal climates in order to create peaceful spaces for themselves ( ie: eliminating stress, self-care). I have chosen the latter.  
Please sign the Mr. Linky at the end of this post so that others may visit you and see the beautiful peace globes throughout the Blogosphere. Remember to tag me on Facebook  or wherever you are on social media. Thank you for being a part of this community of peace bloggers. Your words are powerful and important to all of us. May we lift and encourage in our quest for a peaceful more sustainable planet earth.  Grant us peace!  

Bathing In Persimmon Trees

As she got older and more introspective, my mother would spontaneously start talking about random things from her faraway childhood. On this day, she began to weave invisible spinning yarn in the air in front of her. "There are these threads....you see....threads...." as her hands moved in and around them,  making sense of mysteries in her mind,  weaving and talking as she spun, connecting branch to branch to branch. Except she wasn't really sitting there with me. She was somewhere back in time playing dodgeball with the curse.

 "I can see them going back generations."
"What kind of threads?" I asked. 
"Poverty. Brokenness. Abuse. Depression. Alcoholism. Divorce. Conflict. Addiction. 
Bad threads....don't you see them, Mimi?"
Yes, mama, I've always seen them.

Like shadows on trees in a cemetery, cast long from eons of time and generation, I had always seen them. 

If you want to go mad, 
cover them up.

If you want to break the curse,
stand in the Light.

Generational threads can tie together what desperately needs to be broken. They are inherently binding and strong.
Made of flax. Faith. Fiber. Custom. Tradition. Tribe. Toxicity. Untruth.
Even and especially love.

Whether they remain tied and woven into the next generation depends not on the strength of the cotton, but on the spinning of the pattern. Twisted legacies take whole life spans to unspin. It requires laser-sharp discernment and a willingness to plant a new field. To begin a better story. Harvesting new tribes is not for the faint-of-heart. My mother was anything but faint.

And that's when I began to remember...
warm water washing down my back.
I felt the heaviness of long tangled hair.
And her hands in my hair.

Scrubbing and soothing at the same time.  Bare feet on a dark linoleum speckled floor, bent over the kitchen sink in the middle of a fifties wood frame in the heat of summer and the only running water in the house.  Daddy hadn't finished the bathroom yet.
My mother stood untangling the mane that was always tangled and drying me off with a ragged towel. 

And then I started to cry 

Uncontrollably. Sobs from an eight-year-old that should never be heard by a mother. 
She knew. I could see it in her eyes. She knew. From the covering of shame I felt underneath the thinness of fabric that could not cover could not cover could not cover the confusion and tremble of a skinny little girl who had just been reminded of more than innocent suds running down the back of a dark-haired freckle-faced me with grownup questions swirling in her mangled head.
She looked straight into the dripping freckles and raised her eyes to meet mine.

It was my mother's greatest gift to me. 

Unwavering trust. Unquestioning acceptance. She believed what I was about to tell her before I said it. I can still taste the shampoo on my lips and see the horror in her eyes, the quiver in my voice. I remember the way my eyes wanted to only stare at the linoleum while she gathered herself.  Standing there dripping in a torn towel while she called someone to tell them what she'd seen in her daughter's eyes.
I never had to see him again.
She saw to it.

She sacrificed family and relationships to protect me. 
Had she chosen to look the other way, I am sure without a shadow of an oak tree doubt,  I would have crumpled into a broken twig on the sudsy floor and never recovered.
Instead, it was the moment that defined me. 

In the deepest part of me that day, she taught me to trust the sacred places that no one should touch.  I owned every nook and crevice again before she even finished with the tender drying
 because my mother believed me 
she gave me permission to trust myself
She had no idea that she'd just given me my voice.

Of all the trials that came later - our arguments, her quirky temper, my stubbornness - our differences growing wider in the middle of our lives, then circling back to unconditional love, as happens with mothers and daughters  - I'm not sure she ever fully recovered from the sadness of that moment. 

You see them, don't you Mimi?

I wanted so much to know her and understand her better and all that mysterious weaving in the spirit. Those strands had names. They had stories. But there wasn't time and she was gone.  What made her so unbreakable? What stopped her from untying the last piece of tangled life and freeing herself? What kind of woman knows by instinct and love how to run straight into battle for her daughter?  That's the indestructible mother I longed to fully know.

When I felt she had no faith in my endeavors or no understanding of my independence, in hindsight, now, I wonder if the moment under the towel defined the way she would forever try to keep me from straying too far into unfamiliar territory. As I spread my wings to fly away, perhaps her holding on was the only way of protecting me.  Perspective.

I went through some things this year that broke my heart. Multitudes of unkindness and wholly undignified days. But the more vile they became, the more grace I received. 

 My body is recalibrating. Balancing. Resetting. Changing my climate, my environment, is not just necessary for peace of mind, it's mandatory for my survival. 
I am ready to put this decade behind me but not without the wisdom it contains.

Standing under the canopy of trees gives me courage and strengthens my vulnerability - that delicate balance between authenticity and prudence.   It resembles the act of protection and trust. Intimacy and connection.  You might not have a lifetime or even a decent swath of moments like these with the people you love. 
But it only takes one.  
Divine grace echoes on the walls of my heart. 
My mother's grace reverberates decades later.

And she is the reason that I can stand uncovered in a field of persimmon trees
without fear 
without shame
without scars

I finally learned to accept all our twisted roads and fallen places.  How she tried to exhume the genesis of those invisible threads in her hands, never quite finding where the first broken piece began and the last continued.  
 You see them, don't you Mimi?

She died before she could unravel all the threads
But she deposited in me just enough spitfire to keep my end of the peace treaty intact:
To leave the untelling on the kitchen floor 
To live without hiding behind trees 

To forgive those who want to see me broken
To be open and brave when your words need wording
and to be loud in the most vulnerable of places

and that's why I need trees
Had you told me a year ago that people can feel energy from trees, I would have silently patted you on the head and sent you on your way. And yet, since her death six months ago, I find myself running to the forest on my mountain, sitting for hours in the sanctuary of their branches. Breathing in oxygen. Absorbing life into the cells of my stress-laden body.
 Finding the Mother trees. They shelter the young saplings and strategically branch out in directions that give them the most nourishment from the sun.
Did you know there are mother trees?

We are made stronger when we understand where we came from
when we uncover what is hurting us
We discover which branches are strong and which need pruning.
I am learning to be thankful for the miles of memories that created me
all of them

Safety sometimes lies in being unseen
but never in being unheard.

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Photo credit: Mimi Lenox

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Romania, Belgium, Thailand and British Columbia blog for peace

There are 214 countries and territories who've blogged for peace in the past thirteen years. Where are you from? Is it peaceful where you live? Can you think of a way to influence your corner of the world for the common good? I know! I have a fabulous idea!

Join us NOV 4 and fly a peace globe. Below are four stellar examples from the past to inspire you.





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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Powerful Moment in Chile

Even in the midst of turmoil and war, beauty can erupt. 

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

You Could Learn a Lot From a Cat

Animal Volunteer Shelter Life in Connecticut
Did you know that cats use their humans to blog for peace?
It's true! Everybody knows who's in charge. The cats!
Lone Star Cats from Texas

Hundreds of kitties can be found making puuurfectly peaceful blog posts on November 4th in all corners of the blogosphere. They're busy right now getting ready for BlogBlast For Peace.
I challenge you to make peace a priority on November 4th. 

Here are a few of the marvelous peace globes made by the cat blogosphere!

Kevin Hattori 

George Clooney the Cat

Stunning Keisha!

Meezer's Mews
Mickey's Musings
Shelter Cats
Stunning Keisha

Stunning Keisha
Trav's Thoughts in Washington

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Beautiful New Blog4Peace Badges for 2019

Outstanding new badges for your sidebars and social media pages. Made by talented peace blogger Ann Adamus at the blog Zoolatry! Free to use for all peace bloggers everywhere!
 I've included a large size and a small size of each.

Please join us. Our theme is Change Your Climate.  You could write about global climate change or changing your own personal climate! 

One voice ~ One subject ~ One day~

Many thanks!

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Friday, October 4, 2019

Blog4Peace ~ 30 Day Countdown! November 4

The 30 day countdown to Blog4Peace has begun! As if our usual custom in the Blogosphere, writers from every continent and over 200 countries and territories will Blog 4 Peace on November 4th. We will post on our social media pages and websites, blogs and vlogs! 

This year's theme is "Change Your Climate" which could mean anything from global climate change or changing your personal climate to a more peaceful one. 

Choose your peace globe template from the links on this page and let's go!

We began blogging for peace in November, 2006. Thirteen  years and thousands of peace bloggers later, we are still blogging for peace. On every continent. In 214 countries and territories. In war-torn countries and peaceful villages. Whole families. Babies in utero (yes, really!) Teenagers. Senior citizens. Veterans of war. Poets and singers. Teachers. Classrooms. Authors and artists. Doctors. Lawyers. Cats (many many cat bloggers). Dogs. Gerbils. Birds. Goats and Bunnies. Scientists. Designers. Researchers. Stay-at-home-parents. Kids. Baby Boomers. From the Netherlands to Kansas. And everywhere in between.

We. Still. Blog. For. Peace

Join us the next 30 days as we prepare for Nov 4th. Get your peace globes ready. Prepare your posts. Help us spread the word by blogging and posting on social media everywhere you can.

Hashtag #blog4peace  #Nov4 #BlogBlast4Peace #BlogBlastForPeace #ChangeYourClimate #peaceblogger

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Every effort will be made to credit, notify and obtain permission from the artist if and when the design on your peace globe template is chosen to be featured in printed works, books, or online publications.
If you do not want your peace globe shared and made accessible to others, let me know the day it is submitted or simply submit an anonymous unsigned peace globe.

Otherwise, please understand that this movement is all about spreading the message.

Thank you for being part of this incredible community of peace bloggers.

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Special Launch Event Thursday, July 12, 2012

We launched the 2012 BlogBlast4Peace season with a trip to the shore (real and virtual). I am already on the Atlantic. If you were here with us July 12 at sunset, even in spirit, then you were a part of the 2012 launch for BlogBlast4Peace. I can think of no better way to announce our November 4th campaign than a designated time for all to bring the same thoughts and vibes to the table....er...ocean. Then it won't be just me making an announcement. It will be all of us. I like it!
Facebook Event page is here. It was a great success. Thank you. Let the peace begin.

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