Saturday, June 25, 2016

Peace Globe #10,335 ~ Lui Is In Heaven

Original hand drawings by Lui Bacaltos

And in the end

when the world closes to night

and the moon winks at us

the balmy night embraces us.

My creatures and I

we are one.

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Peace Globe #10,334 ~ The Cat On My Head's Kitties Blue

 Kitties Blue join BlogBlast for Peace 2015 on Wordless Wednesday

Kitties Blue aka Janet Blue
Unknown Location
 Kitties Blue participate in BlogBlast for Peace 2015

Peace Globe #10,333 ~ Furry Tails of the PDX Pride

Vancouver, Washington
United States of America

Peace Globe #10,332 ~ Louie's Chaos

Louie's Chaos
Laurie Hunter-Blackhall
Port Alberni, Canada
"Let peace begin with you in your homes and in our schools and churches. Lets teach by example, that's how our kids learn. Hate in, hate out. Lets fix it."

Peace Globe #10,331 ~ Broken Teepee 
Happy Goats Farm
Patty Leonard Woodland
Superior, Montana
United States

"So this year Sherpa and Harry have come together to meow to you to come together no matter what your differences may be. Because if you don’t we have no hope of ever seeing Peace in our lifetimes. If a frisky tuxie cat and a cantankerous orange tabby can get along then there is hope for everyone else.
So at least for one day make Peace. Be at Peace. Let there be PEACE."

Friday, June 24, 2016

Peace Globe #10,330 ~ The Matriarch's Corner
Kathy Duffy Thomas
Original Peace Blogger 
30 Days of Love Challenge
South Carolina, United States
 She writes, "Maybe if we pretend that the rest of the people in the world are ours, we will love them.  And maybe that will give us peace."

Thirty Days Of Love Challenge posts HERE and HERE

Peace Globe #10,329 ~ Friends FurEver

Florida, United States of America


Peace Globe #10,328 ~ Speedy The Cheeky House Bunny

United Kingdom

 "Now we wish everyone Peace and love throughout the world!Lets all work together in peace and heal our world...One World ...One Voice!"

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Peace Globe #10,327 ~ STARDREAMING with Sherry Blue Sky
Author and Poet Sherry Marr
Original poem for peace day
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
 Click HERE for Sherry's new book called Blue Sky Moments

Click the image above to go to her website and read her beautiful poem.
Sherry's blog is rich with substance each and every day. I thank her for being a peace blogger.

Peace Globe #10,326 ~ Jan's Funny Farm

Jan's Funny Farm
United States

Peace Globe #10,325 ~ Living With Lou Lou 
Click the link above to see her awesome blog!!!

Peace Globe #10,324 ~ Savannah's Paw Tracks

 2015 Blog for Peace
Savannah & The Kid Sage
Unknown Location

"Humans are the all-powerful on our shared Home Earth. They control the ability to make change, to make peace and acceptance of others different from themselves, a reality.
I am Savannah, The Cat, and I Am A Peace Blogger. Follow my paw tracks toward peace."

Peace Globe #10,323 ~ WeBeesSiameezers Miaows
Pipo and Minko
Michigan, United States of America
Purring... "So here is our peace image complete with a globe, because of course we pray that world peace will be a reality, sooner than later. May God help it happen."

Peace Globe #10,322 ~ Barks From MrJackFreckles
United States of America

"Yes, Peace, so tenuous, so needed and seemingly out of reach for many. May the wars cease and the swords be turned into plowshares, as stated in the Bible. Then we will truly know peace everywhere.
Growlmy prays that yes, May The Lord Grant peace upon our earth."

Peace Globe #10,321 ~ Random Felines

Unknown Location
The kitties said, "So, take this as day one to leading a happier peaceful life. Things will always happen around you that you cannot control. However, you can control your reaction to them. Delete the comment, hide the post, unfriend hateful people. And then turn it around....spread some love, tell someone WHY you love them, let a friend know you are thinking about them.
Or post a cute kitten picture."

Peace Globe #10,319 ~ MANX MNEWS
Angel AbbyGrace
Northern Florida, United States of America

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Peace Globe #10,318 ~ Crow's Feet with Michelle Frost

Michelle Frost 

She writes,
"This is the greatest challenge humanity faces, as our planet hurtles towards and unknown and seemingly unsettled future. We need to teach our world's children how to be peaceful; how to love themselves and others."

Peace Globes #10,317 ~ Stunning Keisha
Cathy Keisha

Peace Globe #10,316 ~ Stunning Keisha

Cathy Keisha

Peace Globe #10,311 ~ Stunning Keisha

Cathy Keisha

Peace Globe #10,315 ~ The Best Parts by Ferd Crotte

Dr. Ferd Crotte
Winston Salem, North Carolina

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Peace Globe #10,314 ~ The Island Cats
Unknown Location

They write, "Once again, we join with others in the blogosphere from all around the world to blog about peace and display our Peace Globes.  We are ONE VOICE on ONE SUBJECT for ONE DAY.  Together we CAN make a difference…and bring PEACE to our world!"

Peace Globe #10,313 ~ Trav's Thoughts


 Trav's thoughts are always welcome in this movement. Once again he nails the theme with a personal story of overcoming challenge and adversity. We need that positive spin in our world. Thank you Travis and Pam.

Peace Globe #10,312 ~ Sweet Purrfections
Paula Gregg
Lexington, South Carolina

Peace Globe #10,310 ~ What I Made Today


Rose writes, 
"It's in that truth that I evolved to discover that, no matter how I feel about a situation of the actions and behaviors of an individual, all I can do is love."

Peace Globe #10,308-309 ~ Zoolatry


Ann Adamus

Peace Globe #10,307 ~ Jennie Marsland

Nova Scotia, Canada

Jennie writes,
 "Peace blooms around us when it blooms within us.
 Perhaps caring for ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually – whatever that means to each of us – is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our world. So I guess that’s my message this year: be good to yourself, take a little time for reflection."

Peace Globe #10,306 ~ Meezer Tails
Original Peace Bloggers
Fairport, New York

The kitties said...
"All we are give peas peace a chance." 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Peace Globe #10,305 ~ 15 and Meowing


Peace Globe #10,304 ~ One Spoiled Cat

Sammy Kimmell
November 2015

Sammy writes, 
there’s nothing on earth as important as PEACE for all...."

Peace Globe #10,303 ~ Brian's Home


South Carolina
Original Peace Blogger
November 2015 

Brian writes....
"We all feel the love here ,so we immediately fell in love with the theme this year…”Peace & the Power of Love”.  It sounds easy enough, and maybe it could be if enough of us were committed to making it happen.   We all wish everyone peace today and every single day.  Let the power of love lead us along this journey."

Peace Globe #10,302 ~ Juliana From The Netherlands


Original Peace Blogger
November 2015

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Peace Globe #10,301 ~ Gemma's Greyscale Territory

Poetic Songlines
Gemma Wiseman
Melbourne, Australia
November 2015
Original Peace Blogger

Peace Globe #10,299 & 10,300 ~ Mornington Peninsula Daily

 Gemma writes, "There can never be too much peace."

Melbourne, Australia
Gemma Wiseman
November 2015
Original Peace Blogger
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Peace Globe #10,298 ~ One Gal's Musings

Chicago, Illinois
November 2015

She writes....
"It's been said that Americans vote their wallets, that the economy is a principal motivator when we go to the polls. I hope everyone who sees this will also think about what kind of world we want to live in, and how who we elect as President will help shape that world, when we vote."

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Peace Globe #10,297 ~ Smidgens, Snippets & Bits

Paula Kaye
November 2015

She writes,"
I feel the world is crazier than it has ever been. We need peace more than we have ever needed it. Races are fighting in our own country. People are killing our police officers. Crazed people who are allowed to put their hands on guns in a free country without gun control are killing innocents in schools, movie theaters, and malls all across America.  We have soldiers dying in foreign lands fighting for freedom for others. I want peace for this country, for all other countries, but most of all for those I love and hold close to my heart...."

Peace Globe #10,296 ~ George Clooney The Sexiest Cat Alive


November 2015
 “Ultimately, we have just one moral duty: to reclaim large areas of peace in ourselves, more and more peace, and to reflect it toward others. And the more peace there is in us, the more peace there will also be in our troubled world.” - Etty Hillesum

Peace Globe #10,295 ~ Animal Shelter Volunteer Life


Norwalk, Connecticut
"This year, our peace globe features some of our amazing, adoptable cat friends from PAWS. Our wish for them is the one we have for all beings, everywhere: lives and homes that are abundantly full of peace and love.

Wishing, hoping, purring and praying..."

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Peace Globe #10,294 ~ Everything and Nothing ~ Akelamalu!

Original Peace Blogger
Lancashire, United Kingdom

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Peace Globe #10,293 ~ GoodnightGram's Blog
United States

 Everyone waits patiently for Goodnight Gram to make her peace post. We know each year it's going to be even better than the last. She is awesome!! This year she is, again, making her famous "Peace Treaties" cookies and distributing them to the neighborhood, the schools, and her workplace. They are displayed her on more artsy peace props that she made from scratch. We love the way she sets the example for her precious granddaughter each year as they do peace globes together as an event. The whole world should be filled with Goodnight Gram's...
Please take the time to click over and read Gram's peace post this. You will be inspired.

P.S. The cookies were delicious.

Peace Globe #10,292 ~ Durward Discussion

Jamie White
She writes...
"In 2006 Mimi Lennox, mistress of Bloggingham Castle started a little project.For one day, bloggers who followed her would speak with one voice:  Dona Nobis Pacem. They would post globes with that simple message. What started as a hope nine years ago has now spread to more than 200 countries and it can take days to visit even a percentage of all the people seeking just one goal in our time: GRANT US PEACE"

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday Peace Globes From Days Gone By ~ Happy Holidays!

 Wishing you and yours a blessed New Year. Wishing all of us....PEACE

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Facebook Event page is here. It was a great success. Thank you. Let the peace begin.

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